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Paczkomaty InPost

Buying a jewelry for yourself: a mini guide

Buying a jewelry for yourself: a mini guide

Would you like to own your dream jewelry?

Why wait for a gift? Get it now!

Here's a mini-guide about everything you need to know to take a good care of yourself.


As a woman of the world you are free and independent - you know what you want and follow it! Great! Whether it's a great job, a fantastic vacation, or a great apartment, you don't wait for something to come to you. You reach for it yourself. The same should apply to jewelry - you don't need a husband, boyfriend, lover or a friend to give yourself jewelry as a gift. If you want to go unique, you can - you even need to - go out and buy it for yourself.

There may be something nice you need after a bad day, or a reward after a great day, or any other reason! (in fact, do you need an additional reason beyond the mere need to have it?)


When it comes to jewelry, you will surely find something that perfectly suits you,

to your wardrobe, lifestyle and the budget.


Buying jewelry for yourself can be a little confusing at first - after all, the budget is limited and the choice is so huge. After all, you invest a large amount in something you want to wear forever; but with a little persistence and searching you can treat yourself to something wonderful (you deserve it!). You will surely be delighted with your purchase for many years to come. Whether it's a diamond ring that you've had your eye on for a long time, a gemstone pendant, a hand-embroidered bracelet, or large, shiny soutache earrings, you're sure to find something that suits you, your wardrobe and your wardrobe perfectly. Your lifestyle and budget.

You can build your jewelry wardrobe piece by piece, starting with the basics, or go out to do the bigger shopping and put together a sizeable collection - as with all things, it's entirely up to you.


Discover your style!

When choosing elegant jewelry for yourself, determine what personal style you have; then choose something that fits that style. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is your work wardrobe? Is it conservative suits and stilettos or a more casual Friday every day of the week?
  2. Do you sometimes go out after work and go to the opera and theater on weekends? Or maybe your idea for a great Sunday afternoon is playing football in the park?
  3. Do you tend to wear feminine things with frills, or is your wardrobe more minimalist and sporty?

It's important that you ask yourself these questions and know the answers because when you choose jewelry, you want it to look great with what you wear - whether you plan to wear it seven days a week or just for special occasions. You will be longer and happier with your jewelry if it is selected with your style of clothing and lifestyle in mind.


Basic or statement?

Are you looking for a basic jewelry set that is clean, minimalist and will go with any outfit from Monday to Sunday? Or maybe your jewelry box already has such "basic" sets? If not, maybe you want to start with this?

Or maybe you are looking for something "wow" - something statement, something that you will wear for special occasions or really dress up?

As for the basics, small stud earrings are the perfect way to buy jewelry for yourself - a sleek, minimalist accessory that will just add extra sparkle to your ear.

Another great addition to your jewelry wardrobe will be a simple necklace: a chain with a pendant. As with small sticks, you can choose a neutral-colored necklace (e.g. with a natural stone like Agate or Tourmaline) that will suit almost any budget - and the smooth and delicate color will certainly suit any outfit, from a silk blouse, to the coolest leather jacket.

Be sure to complete your jewelry bases with a beautiful full bracelet (so-called tennis bracelet). While this is generally not a budget purchase, this neutral or everyday color bracelet can become your staple piece of jewelry seven days a week. Show the world your refined taste by decorating yourself with this enviable creation.

A good watch is also a great way to invest in yourself and your appearance. Watches can be formal or casual and some styles combine both worlds. They can also add some sparkle to your wrist - many women's watches are now available with beautiful hand-embellished straps.

If you feel like you already have your basic jewelry set, it's time to consider your next purchases with spectacular touches. It's time to consider something black, something colorful, and something larger in size. Get out of yourself and show the world your hot temper with jewelry. Are your favorite go-out shoes fiery red high heels? A pendant with a crimson or navy blue crystal will give you shine and sophistication - for any occasion.

Do you enjoy attending special events such as theater opening evenings, concerts or business events? A ring with a larger stone or simply larger sizes will immediately increase your glamour effect. When buying this item of your jewelry wardrobe, definitely go beyond the scheme and choose something bigger, more colorful and bolder than the usual choices. Believe me, you'll want every night to be a Saturday night.


Take care of the jewelry you have

You already have great jewelry and you are ready to immerse yourself in its splendor. What else should you know? Well, to start with, ask your jewelry manufacturer if your jewelry is under warranty or if post-warranty (repair) service is available. The guarantee should cover at least the repair of elements that have not been mechanically damaged. In order for the jewelry to serve you for many years and to avoid mechanical damage and dirt, it should be properly cleaned and stored. But about that another time :).


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