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How to take care of soutache jewelry and how to clean it?

How to take care of soutache jewelry and how to clean it?
Soutache jewelry care rules that will keep you in perfect condition for a long time. 
It is worth taking care of each piece of soutache jewelry in order to be sure that it will keep its beautiful appearance for longer. It is easy to guess that the soutache is an extremely delicate creation, therefore it should be treated a bit in a "royal" way.

The Czech soutache that I use is made of viscose, sometimes with a small addition of cotton, it has the following description on the label: hand wash, do not spin, do not bleach or treat using chlorine.

The soutache jewelry I create is each time impregnated with a special soutache agent. Nanoparticles protect against moisture and dirt - impregnated jewelry is more durable, less prone to drawing, water resistant, and therefore resistant to most dirt (you have to be careful with self-tanners - they can stain even impregnated soutache jewelry). I always double impregnate bright jewelry.

It should be remembered that soutache jewelry also includes minerals, glass pearls, crystals and metal. Particularly, the minerals and the pearl coating (Jablonex or Swarovski) must be taken care of as the chemical agents can damage it.

Valuable tips:
• Remember to wear makeup and perfume before putting on your soutache jewelry.
• Remember to remove your soutache jewelery before applying any hand or body creams.
• Make sure the soutache jewelry is dry before storing it.
• Remove your soutache jewelery before bathing, showering or in the pool.
• Remember not to keep your soutache jewelry in the sun (some colored minerals fade, others turn yellow, and the soutache itself fades too).
• Take off your soutache jewelry before going to bed :).
• Soutache jewelery should always be stored separately, preferably in a separate foil, in a chiffon purse or in a jewelry box - do not throw it loose into the casket! Soutache cords are a weave of delicate, single fibers, so they are susceptible to pulling.

• If it happens that the jewelry catches on something and the string in the jewelry is pulled, you can try to save it by trimming the taut, individual fibers. The fibers should be trimmed very close to the tape. It is best to trim them with small, sharp scissors. This method will only work when the puff is small. When the "thicker" part of the fibers is drawn, cutting them will reveal the cotton core of the soutache cord, which is usually a slightly different shade than the viscose fibers. Therefore, in case of a more serious fault, it is best to contact the "creator" who will best know what to do.

• In case of slight staining of jewelery, you can wipe it with a damp, soft cloth or a cotton bud, soaked in a mild detergent (eg warm soapy water or a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid, or in Pearl). Jewelry cleaned in this way should be dried on a radiator.

• If the stains are severe and cannot be removed with a mild detergent, a little bleach can be used (bleach must not contain chlorine!). I personally checked Vanish, which dealt with the stains and did not change the color of the string at the same time.) Rinse the bleach with cool water.

• Cleaning should be done in one direction (rubbing both sides with a stick will make the string puffed).

Hope you enjoy wearing soutache jewelry as much as I do creating it :)

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