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ANUI - Made with Love

Handmade, original earrings, elegant necklaces and pendants, unique bracelets, watches and brooches. Our jewelry is timeless: perfect for work, every day and whenever you want to make a "good entrance" and dazzle.

We have been operating since 2012 and we are a 100% Polish brand. At the beginning, as a passion of our owner and main jewelery designer, who created it under the name AdityaDesign. In 2019, in connection with entering foreign markets, we decided to change our brand to ANUI - Made with Love.

Edyta Gąsior właścicielka marki ANUI  


My name is Edyta Gąsior. I am an economist by education and I have worked throughout my professional career in sales and sales management. It all started in 2010. At that time, I decided to make my childhood dreams come true and started studying architecture and interior design. And this is how I graduated from the Krakow Art Schools.

During my studies, I came across a photo of a designer soutache jewelry from Israel, which became an inspiration for one of my tasks. The image of colorful, incredibly intricate and original jewelry remained in my head and gave me no rest. I started searching for information on soutache jewelry, which at that time was still very little known. I found tutorials, bought my first materials and started learning on my own.

I quickly developed my own methods and techniques - access to materials was a challenge. As soon as I put on the jewelry I had created, which was very original and colorful, someone willing to buy it from me immediately appeared. I was designing and creating custom-made jewelery and before I knew it, I became an author's jewelery designer and this is how I create it to this day. Hobbies have become my way of earning money and fulfilling myself every day.


This evolution is probably best shown in the photos of my jewelery, and in fact our jewelery, because I don't work alone in the studio anymore. The first models were more modest, less colorful and much smaller. When I started making jewelry, it was difficult with the availability of materials or the same soutache strings.

At the end of 2013, in Nowy Targ, I met a folk fashion designer Aneta Larysa Knap and a month later my jewelry found its way to the Miss Poland runway with the FolkDesign collection. This is how my adventure with fashion shows began. Brand development fired. It was the moment when I decided that I wanted to produce on a larger scale, that I wanted to promote good Polish handmade products abroad. My friendship with Aneta continues to this day, and ANUI jewelry accompanies her on the catwalks and on TV all this time. Aneta and her folk combinations are often an inspiration for me to create new patterns and new colors.



Edyta Gąsior ANUI backstage  

In 2019, I changed the brand name, which was quite risky, because I was already recognized under the name AdityaDesign. The problem was that my clients had a hard time remembering, pronouncing or writing the name of AdityaDesign, and thus the address of the store, let alone recommending it to others. It was hard for me to part with the previous name - after all, it was a few years of work, lots of photos, kilometers of strings and kilograms of beads.

And then I heard the phrase "aroha nui" from the Māori language which means much love, made with love. It fits perfectly with me, with what I am doing, with the direction I want to go. The next stage of change has come. I wanted the name to be simple and short, and at the same time have a deeper meaning for me.

And this is how ANUI - Made with love was born.

In 2022, more people joined the ANUI team, who together with me create beautiful jewelry not only in the soutache technique, for customers from all over the world.

During these several years, ANUI jewelry has participated in fashion shows dozens of times, several times at the Miss Poland pageant, in many interviews, and in TV breakfast programs. We decorate the stars on the walls, TV presenters, film and theater actresses, celebrities and singers. We even got to music videos several times.


Inspirations come from everywhere. Every day, anywhere. We are inspired by designers, people, paintings, but also by folklore, mountains, the sea, the season of the year, and travels. Everything, everywhere. I can see an interesting outfit and I know immediately what accessory, what kind of jewelery I would complete this outfit with. Such a dot over and. We know well in advance what the next collection we want to present to our admirers.

The choice of colors allows us to follow the trends, and our proprietary patterns allow us to build these trends.


I think that my story - like many others, of which there are fortunately more and more - can prove that yes - a passion can successfully become a business. It is a matter of our beliefs, our faith, good thoughts, support from friends and family, regularity and joy - because we cannot forget about it. The joy of small successes every day, a cup of coffee with someone who shares and understands our passions, the opportunity to talk to someone who supports us and enjoys our successes. All this motivates us to keep going.

And the absolute joy of creating - this moment when we see a small work of art from a pile of materials, strings and beads. The happiness of our client who is delighted with the wonderful jewelry that emphasizes her beauty and uniqueness. I think that everyone who creates and is an artist understands this joy.


Unique patterns of hand-made jewelry and its unique colors distinguish it from mass production. These are small works of art, created for lovers of unique jewelry. Our designs are also distinguished by their extraordinary lightness - thanks to stitching and embroidering, you can create huge patterns while maintaining the extraordinary lightness of jewelry, which always positively surprises our customers. Handmade jewelry, secured and properly stored, will serve us for many years.

Modern, creative and unique - but, most importantly, always of the highest quality - this is our original ANUI jewelry. Each season brings new collections, and each product is prepared with a demanding customer in mind who wants to stand out and wear unique jewelry. Jewelry made with love.

  Edyta Gąsior ANUI absolwentka Krakowskich Szkół Artystycznych


As a Polish brand, we support and promote what is ours. The studio is currently located in Rzeszów and from here we serve clients from all over the world. We order production materials from Polish wholesalers and Polish producers. In our jewelry you will find only Polish Baltic Amber or scraps of original highlander scarves from Podhale. All our jewelry is handcrafted with attention to every detail. We work with many Polish fashion designers and promote Polish design.

Together with us, support what is ours! Good - because it is from Poland!


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